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An information leaflet for patients

Before using the preparation please consult the contents of the information leaflet

SCALDEX ointment


The Scaldex ointment to be used by applying it onto the skin is a combination of some substances of natural origin, an antibiotic of a wide scope of effect and vitamin A. Combined action of the biologically-active substances contained in the extracts of propolis and pot marigold flower and bacitracin is decisive for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammable effects of the preparation. The specific has a disinfecting effect, contributes to faster cleaning the wound from metabolism products and necrotic elements. Vitamin A accelerates the recovery processes of damaged tissue.


The Scaldex preparation is used in the treatment of: grade I and II thermal burns, chemical burns, frostbites, hard-healing wounds (e.g.: postoperative ones), bedsores trophic lesions of skin (e.g.: accompanying varicose inflammation of shanks), suppuration of small wounds, small eruptions (exanthems, rash) in the form of papules and pustules, abscesses accompanying scratches and chips stuck into the skin.


 Undesirable effects

Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the preparation. In case of an allergic reaction occurrence discontinue the use of the preparation and consult a physician.



The specific is to be applied onto skin. Apply the preparation on the surface of the wound every 2-3 hours on the first days of treatment, both with children and adults. On the following days of treatment the preparation is to be used 3 times a day. In cases of accompanying pus, rinse the wound additionally with physiological saline solution twice a day. Do not apply in occlusive dressings. With burns larger than 3% of the body surface the preparation should be applied onto burnt [skin].



Tubes: 25 g. The ointment contained inside the containers may be of yellow to grey-brown colour (the variation of colour results from the content of the ingredients of natural origin). The preparation is to be stored in temperatures up to 20oC in dry, sunless places. Keep out of the reach of children.



Patients treated with Scaldex

Expiry date (period of usability)